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 Post subject: Re: For Gold or For Iron?
PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:52 am  
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"Enemy ship sighted, Sir!"

"Prepare the torpedoes."

"Aye, Sir!"

Degas watched through the ice-window as The Dreadbourne crept up on an unsuspecting ship. The submarine was so quiet and hard to see with it's new blue-violet paint job that no one knew it was even there before it was too late... and even then, few ever knew it was a Horde ship that hit them. All of those nights and days designing, re-designing, and building the greatest and most terrible ship ever built were paying off. The last few months have proved that everything Degas and his brother, Zerata, had imagined were not just fevered dreams.

"Torpedoes ready, Sir!" piped the Goblin gunner.


There was a "fwoosh" as two, six foot long metal cylinders shot forward from the Dreadbourne. They vanished into the murk of the ocean, but a sonar console before Degas showed him their path towards the enemy ship. After a few seconds, there was an explosion that rumbled through the waves. "Raise periscope," ordered Degas. A looking glass descended from the ceiling to allow Degas to see above the water.

He caught sight of the enemy ship. Smoke was rolling from its side where the torpedoes had ripped a massive hole in its hull. Water was pouring into the ship causing it to list heavily to one side. "Direct hit," he muttered. An Alliance flag flew from the main mast of the ship. It was a cargo ship full of supplies that were on their way to Stormshield from the Lunarfall garrison. Normally, Degas would not have so openly attacked an Alliance ship, but an informant had notified him of a rather interesting cargo being taken by this particular transport.

"What are your orders, Sir?" asked the Goblin gunner.

"Wait for the ship to go down and ensure that the surviving sailors don't notice us... then prepare a salvage team."

"Right away, Sir!"

Degas sat down in his captain's chair, thinking to himself, "If the Alliance ever caught wind of our business, things would start getting tough... better play it cool after this job."

"She's beginning to sink, Sir!"

Degas looked up through the window. The transport was nearly entirely under the water now. Dozens of life-rafts were floating around the sinking ship. "Take us down, I don't want them to even have a chance of seeing us," ordered Degas.

"Right away, Sir! Full descent!"

"Full descent!" repeated the helmsman.

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